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We created this space to share with you

Our rooms

Our Lodge is a 3 bedroom apartment that can accommodate up to 6-7 guests if fully used, but we prefer to stay around 5 guests at a time. Each room has a double bed. There is a common living area where you can get some coffee, work, relax or dine. Our lodge offers one old-styled clean bathroom and a separate toilet, both sharing one entrance. There are many simple things you can do if you just want so spend the night at the country side. Check out our simple local guide beneath to find out more. 

Edo is the name this room. The name originates from the name of the old Edo Ancient kingdom called the Benin Kingdom in West Africa. The room is spacious and has a beautiful wooden double bed with linen bed sheets. A large window gives view to the garden and allows for bright light into the room. There is an orange coach in the room that can be converted to a sleeping space for a child or youth if needed. 

Eko, the name of our first room, comes from the western African city Lagos, traditionally called Eko in Yoruba. From Eko, you have access to 2 spaces – the inner-Eko and outer-Eko. Inner-Eko has a double bed and leads directly to the balcony. The entrance to this inner-eco is through the outer-Eko room. Both rooms share same entrance and also enjoy the traditional wooden oven. 

The outer-Eko, which is part of the Eko room, has a single bed and a sink for easy morning routines. This room is very ideal for families. Through the Eko rooms you have access to a large balcony where you can enjoy your morning tea or coffee while listening to the early birds sing. 

"The Eye never forgets what the Heart has seen"

African proverb

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    The Lodge

    Welcome to Yellow Lodge. Yellow Lodge is private space in the village of Völlendorf, Mostviertel in Lower Austria. Our lodge is located very close to the Pielach valley and river as well as the Ebersdorfer lake. You can enjoy the peace around nature in our large natural garden and pass the night in our homely designed lodge. We are a group of enthusiastic people who have migrated from afar and near to find a home in Mostviertel. We look forward to your stay at our lodge.


    We created this space so that we can share it with you, to spend the night in our homely designed rooms and enjoy the peace around nature in our large natural garden.

    Common areas

    Common areas consist of the bathroom and toilet as well as an open living area furnished to make you feel comfortable. In the living area, there is a wooden carmin oven, a coffee spot, tables to work or dine to accommodating 4-6 people. The living space is perfect for workshops for small teams and we can provide you with a smart tv, flip chart and printers if you require them.  The common area also has a boutique fully stocked with products from our sustainable craft project in Africa (Joadre Fashion)  and African fashion. 


    The lodge has its own separate entrance from the top patio leading down the stairway. If you follow the stairs further down, you will enter a large garden space of about 5000 square metres. There is a self made grill in the garden and the house is just 400 metres walking distance from a secret entrance to the Pielach river.  We are consistently developing our outdoor area and look forward to creating many spots for relaxation, development and self discovery.

    The Pielach river

    Outdoor area

    Nature has gifted us with a diversity where trees, animals, amazing people, rivers, streams, lakes, walk paths and many more treasures endow us with a peaceful life.  We feel extremely grateful to experience these gifts and are very happy to share this experience with you.  As we develop our lodge space, we continue to curate simple experiences to help you explore the most out of this precious time you set aside to spend with us. When we conceived the idea to start the lodge, it was a dream come true to find this space as it offered us the right spot to explore. Now it is time to invite you to join us on our journey. 

    local guide

    Rivers & Lakes

    "The Eye never forgets what the Heart has seen"

    African proverb

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