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5km Power Walk Or Run

From our lodge, you can walk about 20 meters on the road bending into a paved path through the open fields towards the small village Salau. Salau has about 21 people living there. If it is the strawberry season (June/July), you can stop by at the Strawberry shade in salau to taste some sweet berries. After Salau, you will arrive at Loipersdorf. Just after Salau, there is a bend that can take you to the Pielach river small dam if you feel very hot and need to cool off. Loipersdorf has about 47 people living in it. In this village there is a local chapel that was built in 1876 and renovated in 1948. Then up a very small hill, which is the only major fitness challenge, back towards our lodge at Völlendof.  This route is filled with trees, the roads well paved and you might end up never meeting anyone on the streets except for some baby deers, rabbits and birds just about doing what they do. Remember to greet the farmers if you pass by any, it’s a friendly attitude in the countryside.

No stress! Walk across 3 very small villages, through open fields back to our lodge. 

You can either P-walk (power Walk) your 5km or your jog, run the whole way through depending on what experience you want to have. Power walking or speed walking is the act of walking with a speed at the upper end of the natural range for the walking gait, typically 7 to 9 km/h (4.5 to 5.5 mph). To qualify as power walking as opposed to jogging or running, at least one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times. Power walking has been recommended by health experts as an alternative to jogging for a low-to-moderate exercise regime, for instance 60–80% of maximum heart rate (HRmax).

If power walk is not your thing, then try a %k run which is one of the most popular running sports because it also encourages novice or infrequent runners or joggers to try it. A 5K run is comparatively easier to complete the distance without endurance training and you can always grab some rest in between by power-walking or just slow walking (strohling) during breaks. This 5km distance also makes it suitable for people looking to improve or maintain their general physical fitness, rather than develop long-distance running abilities. 

Like all physical activity, regular 5K runs can improve cardiovascular function and reduce body fat, as well as having mental health benefits. So we are very happy to assist you with a water bottle, some towels and handy-holders if you want. Just let us know beforehand if you would go on a 5km walk or run by adding this free service to  your reservation. 

Experience The Woods

Jungle Parkour

Experience beyond your limit. Explore unique high and low element courses. Some elements include: 2 high ropes courses with 20 elements of different levels of difficulty. 3 Flying foxes, one of which runs 70 m over the Ebersdorf bathing lake. Skywalk and Giant ladder. Pamper poles (ladder pole) are high team elements. Acid Flow and Spider Web. Recovery from Acid lake and Mohawk Walk.

Moon Climb & Night Flight

Dare you to climb the high ropes under the glow of the moon? Experience a night adventure flying over the lake. Dare you to climb the high ropes under the glow of the moon? If you dare, then get ready for this adventure.  2 high ropes courses with 20 elements of different levels of difficulty are waiting for you to explore at night. 

Day Or Night Experience/300,-€/4-6 People

Night Experience – Moon Climb & night Flight

  • Time slots: Night
  • Duration: Around 2 hours
  • Bookable: March to November 
  • Refreshment package: non alcoholic drinks and healthy sandwiches
  • Recommended minimum age: 14 years. Only with adult escorts.

Day Experience – Jungle Parkour

  • Time slots: Day
  • Duration: Around 3 hours
  • Bookable: March to November
  • Refreshment package: non alcoholic drinks and healthy sandwiches
  • Recommended minimum age: 12 years
Outdoor trainer - DI Mag. Franz Trischler

“We overcome every obstacle with self-confidence!”

In collaboration with the Hochseilgarten Ebersdorfer See (HSGamSee) and the professional out-door trainer DI Mag. Franz Trischler, we offer groups an excellent opportunity to wind out, experience beyond your limits and enhance collaborative dynamics.   HSGamSee is an adventure space in nature just about 10 minutes walk away from our lodge. The space is located on the banks of the Ebersdorf bathing lake with shady trees and seating. Make sure to come with comfortable outdoor clothing, closed shoes and cycling gloves if available. Your experience will include supervision by qualified staff on ground, rental equipment (helmet and harness), training, repeated visits to the circuit. 

Yoga & Breathe

With Petra

The term “yoga” in the Western world often denotes a modern form of hatha yoga and a posture-based physical fitness, stress-relief and relaxation technique, consisting largely of the asanas. Asana is a body posture, originally and still a general term for a sitting meditation pose, and later extended in hatha yoga and modern yoga as exercise, to any type of position, adding reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses. 

  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Space: Indoor or Outdoor in the garden
  • Instructor: Petra
  • Maximum participants: 10
  • Cost: 90,-€/Group


However, Yoga in its authentic traditional form is a form of spirituality which focuses on meditation and release from worldly attachments, originating from ancient India. Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “yoke” or “union”. There are a broad variety of yoga practices and traditional forms but simple modern methods of yoga are practiced worldwide. 

We have several Yoga teachers we work with that can come over to guide your group towards a fulfilling Harta yoga experience. Haṭha yoga is a branch of yoga. Our partner instructors go beyond Yoga as exercise consisting mainly of physical postures but help you to enhance your connectedness through flowing sequences, breathing exercises, and often extended to meditation sessions.

We will provide you with suitable Yoga mats, yoga pillows, towels and liquid refreshments/water.

The Rivers & Lakes

Explore some natural water around us. With free admission, you can have a happy bathing day in the Mostviertel region. We can provide you with blankets and towels for your relaxation at any of these lakes and rivers. 

Ebersdorfer Lake

Ebersdorfer Lake is located at Ebersdorfer in Ober-Grafendorf. Around the lake you have a beach volleyball area and swimming sites. The site is graced with beautiful trees offering shades. You can take a walk around the entire lake on a path. For visitors convenience, there are food and drinks available at the “Haus an See” inn, bathing jetty, access options, shower and sanitary buildings. You can also enjoy a tasty “Steckerlfisch” (grilled fish on a stick) and the sunset with a freshly made cocktail from the cocktail bar.

The lake is very close to the adventure sports, so when you reserve the adventure experiences, you can also stop by at the lake for some bathing and relaxation. At the Ebersdorfer Lake, you have lots of events happening and you can check the current event calendar here to see any that might interest you. 


The Pielachtal is one of the central river valleys of the Mostviertel and is nestled between the Traisental in the east, the Erlauftal in the south and the Melktal in the west. Its catchment area is about 590 km². On its way from the source to the confluence with the Danube, the Pielach covers a distance of almost 70 km. Our lodge is right in front of the Pielach river. We have a secret entrance just about 400 meters from our lodge. Through this secret entrance, you have a beautiful small space to lay down a yoga mat and enjoy the morning sun while you meditate. 

Other lads include The Viehofner lake. Which offer a large area for pure relaxation and, together with the Ratzersdorfer See. Both Lakes are north of  St. Pölten lake has a unique leisure and recreation landscape in the middle of the city. Half of the area consists of the water surface of the large and small lake. The 12 meter high observation tower gives an impressive all-round view of the St. Pölten lake landscape.

The Simple gifts of live is all

Nature has gifted us with a diversity where trees, animals, amazing people, rivers, streams, lakes, walk paths and many more treasures endow us with a peaceful life.  We feel extremely grateful to experience these gifts and are very happy to share this experience with you.  As we develop our lodge space, we continue to curate simple experiences to help you explore the most out of this precious time you set aside to spend with us. When we conceived the idea to start the lodge, it was a dream come true to find this space as it offered us the right spot to explore. Now it is time to invite you to join us on our journey.

Day Excursions 

We are happy to provide you with some tips and guide plans to explore a day trip to stunning locations from our lodge. Here are a few we have picked out. With the Mariazeller bahn you can explore more from the area.  The train goes about every hour from around 6 to 10 pm.  For a full day price of about 40,-€ euros for Adults and 20,-€ for kids (with ÖBB vorteils card is 50% less), you get to explore the whole route. There is a hop-On Hop-Off Ticket available which allows you to stop and board the train as you wish for the day.

Pleasant bike tours

The mostly pleasantly flat Pielachtal cycle path is directly connected to the Danube cycle path and leads from Melk upstream through the Mostviertel and is ideal for families, leisure cyclists and those who flee the city. So if you are on a bike tour, stop by and spend the night. 

Clouds do not always mean rain, but smoke is a sure sign of fire.

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Ötscher Mountain summit: ​​

For centuries, small streams and rivers have been making their way through the Ötscher limestone massif, carving deep canyons, bizarre rock formations and breathtaking waterfalls. In short, this is one of Austria’s most scenic and exciting hiking routes. Explore Austria’s Grand Canyon and delight in a hiking route voted “Most Scenic in 2011” by Austria’s Hiking Villages, a nationwide tourist associationOther possible excursion spots are: 

  • Excursion to MH6 train museum
  • Drive with the Nostalgie Dampflok.
  • Nixhöhle Frankenfels, Weinberg
  • Schallaburg

If you want a special excursion service, please visit the mostviertel website for more details and booking options. On the Mostviertel tourism website, you can get more information about excursion sites World of styx, Weinburg, Horse ranches and so on.

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